What is Wild Wonderings?

Wild Wonderings are my writings sent straight to you. My notes on nature, musings on minimalism, blogs on books, and scribbles on sustainable living, from my home on the edge of the Gwent Levels in South Wales.

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Subscribe to get full access to my writing for free. This is the main place to find me online, as I have stepped away from social media. I share reflections and experiences from my personal journey to live a wilder, simpler and more sustainable life.

My writings include:

  • my encounters with wildlife

  • my adventures in Wales and beyond

  • thoughts and tips on simple and sustainable living

  • book reviews

  • creative writing

  • life with a rescue dog

  • experiences on being neurodivergent

  • personal reflections on anything and everything

I would love to connect with like-minded souls and create a community so do feel free to comment on my writing and reach out. I would be thrilled to hear from you.

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Thoughts on nature, books, minimalism, and life from a neurodivergent mind.



Neurodivergent nature-loving writer working in comms for an international environmental charity. Rescue dog mum. Explorer of fictional worlds. I’m on a personal journey to live a wilder, simpler and more sustainable life in South Wales, UK.