Hi from a brand new email friend. Yes, it is possible to build a community off Instagram and I'm glad to be part of yours. I quit Instagram over a year ago and, like you, have regained my sanity back. I wanted Instagram to be something it no longer was. It had become a nightmare. Superficial likes and follows. Shallow one-word conversations. I wanted more but Instagram could not provide it. When I started questioning all of it whilst sharing it on Instagram, people thought I was brave to even consider leaving Instagram. That made me truly realise the depth of the addiction and dependency we have on it. It no longer made sense to give my time and energy to it. At times, I've wondered whether I'm missing out but that usually lasts a moment. I know I'm so much better off and I'm always glad to see others who've escaped that prison too. :)

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Hi Sally! Thank you so much for including my blog in this. It was a nice surprise!

A beautifully written blog and I'm so glad you have made the decision that is right for you. I'm 3 months off Instagram now and feel so much happier and more creative because of it.

Looking forward to seeing more of your writing :)

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